Good advice converts ideas into results

Every pilot values an honest navigator.

Leaders and their teams don’t always stay on course to true north, but when they deviate, they are better for having charted their decisions along the way.

True consulting – the kind that steps beyond internal limitations and polite constraints – can make the difference between haphazard wandering and deliberate journeys.

We don’t pull punches or rest on easy abstractions. We dig into untapped strengths and critical issues so our clients can plot a strategic position with a clear view of opportunities, challenges and obstacles.

Focus with hands

Consulting is an active verb

We believe in the power of strategic advice, but only when it’s accompanied by an act of leadership. It’s the doing that gets results, not the advice alone.

Our approach to consulting puts purposeful acts into motion. Rather than just creating informative exercises, our guidance helps lead to decisions, commitment and accountability.
Our consulting engagements include:

  • Facilitation – Meetings can be invaluable… or intolerable. Our results-based facilitation allows teams to move efficiently toward a goal while ensuring all participants have a voice in the process.
  • Problem solving – We focus on culture, workplace morale, conflict and performance issues, and we partner with clients to find workable solutions.
  • Assessments – We help our clients understand work styles with a proven, non-judgmental evaluation that maps natural strengths, passions and team dynamics. Our proactive and objective approach helps resolve internal conflicts or sensitive issues.
  • Human Resource Systems – The essence of any organization relies on a transparent and consistent approach to managing its people. We help our clients develop efficient HR systems and policies related to recruiting, hiring, orientation, performance management, disciplining and separating.
  • Surveys – Honest, constructive feedback is a powerful tool. We help our clients conduct targeted surveys to evaluate leadership performance and satisfaction levels among employees and clients. Our survey process ensures third-party integrity and a high degree of respect for both internal and external stakeholders.