Our core workshop for women provides an opportunity to enhance leadership abilities by capitalizing on shared experiences and by developing effective leadership skills for dynamic work environments.

Participants gain a clearer focus on personal goals while creating action plans that put skills and techniques into practical daily use. They refine their ability to think strategically and work collaboratively. The information they gain is compounded and amplified when they share it with others in their professional circles.

Women in this program are challenged to take charge of their lives and their circumstances by clearly articulating their individual wants, responsibilities, beliefs and values. This clarity becomes the basis for creating an actionable blueprint for personal and organizational success.

Leadership compass

Who should attend?

  • Women striving for clearer and more effective leadership impact
  • Managers or team members who work with women as peers, colleagues or bosses
  • Women who face a complexity of personal and professional challenges
  • Women who want a personalized vision for success, and a plan for achieving greater potential

What will you learn?

  • How personal experiences influence your vision for the future
  • How to define what you value most, and how to structure life to support those values
  • How to recognize and leverage your inherent strengths
  • How to define your own personal leadership approach and style
  • How to design a practical blueprint for personal success
  • How to create and maintain vital relationships to support your success

How will you benefit?

  • Increased clarity about what you want and an action plan for moving forward
  • Increased confidence and focus – a healthy sense of self
  • Inspirational camaraderie with women who share similar challenges