Build a bridge to link vision and skills to long-term results.

The Point offers a robust curriculum of professional development workshops for leaders, managers and teams. Our sessions are dedicated to tangible advancement of skills required for organizational effectiveness.

Workshops require a genuine commitment from participants and a willingness to be challenged toward improvement. Our learning sessions are known for requiring hard work while having fun.

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Our Workshop Offerings

There is no monopoly on effective ideas. Our workshops allow participants to learn from how those in other industries and other organizations have overcome similar challenges. The combination of strong coaching and shared experiences makes for powerful learning.

We also work with organizations to create customized workshops to meet targeted needs. Contact us for more information on how we might meet your group’s needs for a tailored workshop.

These workshops are currently offered by The Point:

  • Power of You

    This women’s workshop helps leaders from various industries enhance their leadership power and skills in order to succeed in a dynamic and demanding marketplace. Women leaders are challenged to clarify their goals and create an effective, personalized blueprint for success.

    • 2.5 days
    • Limited attendance

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  • Coaching For Results

    A fast-paced, practical and rewarding workshop designed to equip leaders and managers with tools and techniques that unleash the true potential of people in order to maximize results. This session energizes leaders and provides managers with coaching tools for a wide range of performance issues.

    • 2 days onsite or 4 online sessions
    • Limited attendance

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  • Making Meetings Matter

    Meetings can be inspirational… or intolerable. This workshop makes the difference. We provide a proven roadmap to help leaders and managers create strategic and energizing meetings to get the intended results. Our methodology generates healthy participation and decisive action plans.

    • 2 days
    • Limited attendance

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