The Point, LLC is a Seattle-based company that provides organizational leadership and workplace consulting services for individuals and teams striving to realize their full potential.

We have developed a uniquely balanced leadership framework that allows both businesses and non-profits to create transparent alignment of vision, strategy, organizational structure and culture.

Since our start in 1998, we have developed a wide variety of specialized capabilities and performance-coaching programs. Our clients tell us they appreciate our practical approach and, consequently, their ability to achieve real-world results.

With international roots and a passion for travel, we are privileged to work closely with clients around the globe. Wherever we work, we invest deeply in committed client relationships.

Our programs create cumulative impact over time, based on honest communication and continuous collaboration. We tune our services to fit the most critical needs of each client, whether it means starter projects, a long-term partnership or full-cycle leadership and organizational development.


  • Beroz Ferrell is an organizational consultant and leadership coach with more than 25 years of experience in psychology, human resource management and leadership development. She has worked with national and multi-national companies across seven countries and on three continents. She has taught graduate and undergraduate business management classes at Seattle University, USA and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria.

    She holds a master’s degree in Psychology and a post-master’s certificate in Social Administration. She is a nationally certified counselor, certified coach, conflict mediator and a results-based facilitator, with fluency in several languages.

    When armed with sticky pads and a Sharpie pen, she’s a curator of ideas and a master of translating passion into action.

  • Siegi Ranacher

    Siegi Ranacher offers a 25-year professional focus on engineering and design, with emphasis on new media communications and graphics. He focuses on both human understanding and technology platforms, allowing for a clear understanding of the communication and management needs of any organization. He works with a wide range of software applications, and his work includes development of training materials, online management tools, client/employee surveys and data-gathering programs.

    Siegi holds degrees in computer design technology and electrical engineering. With his appreciation for both art and science, he blends imagery and technology in a way that speaks to both the left and right halves of our brains.