All of us have experienced good meetings… and bad. We know the difference, but we may not always understand how to achieve successful meetings – on purpose, on time, on target.

This workshop provides a proven roadmap for creating strategic and energizing meetings that get intended results. Our model for organizing and conducting successful meetings emphasizes a balance of clear, definitive leadership and constructive, authentic participation by everyone involved.

Our methods allow leaders with various personalities and work styles to improve meeting results and performance immediately. By improving the basic mechanics and human energy of meetings, teams come away with clearer plans, more efficient action steps and a healthier level of collaboration and camaraderie.

Pencils in circle

Who should attend?

  • Leaders or managers whose success is tied to team meetings
  • Administrators responsible for organizing and conducting effective team meetings
  • Work groups that want to improve meeting results, participation and impact

What will you learn?

  • What influences the success or failure of most meetings
  • How to view meetings as a process rather than an isolated event
  • How to plan, conduct and follow up as part of the meeting process
  • How to improve participation, attitudes and transparency
  • How to manage conflict or destructive distractions during meetings

How will you benefit?

  • Increase intended results and active participation
  • Improve morale, creativity, focus and energy within work teams
  • Minimize wasted time in favor of fewer, more effective meetings